4 Aug

I work for a company that promotes organic eating and sells products to help support it. So this documentary has been mentioned a few time by customers. Here is the trailer:

I was told that it was extremely disturbing…and it was to say the least. I know this movie promotes living a plant-based life, so I kinda knew what to expect. But, it was so much more than that. It didn’t cover just cows, pigs, and chickens…but domesticated animals too. It touched on whaling…and dolphins…and I cried throughout the whole movie. After watching this film, I can understand why someone would become vegan.

I am an animal lover and have been since I was little. My father brought home many different kinds of pets…so it was natural to care for them. So, seeing some of the scenes in this movie evoked enormous feelings of sadness and anger for me. It reminded me that humans are cruel…and violent. I read the comments underneath the movie and many people couldn’t finish the film. I did…because I felt I needed to see this. And now the same company that made this film created a new documentary called Unity. This one looks interesting…it comes out next week. This one focuses on the human race, so it will be thought-provoking I’m sure.

I am definitely looking at changing my diet now. I am clueless on how to do it and have reached to others on social media to help me out.

Now, if you are curious about this film…it is on youtube…but be warned…it is very disturbing.



20 Jan


The scary world of drug abuse. I once worked for a facility that worked to rehabilitate people who were addicted to substances. I saw many sad scenes. And at the end of those sad scenes were stories of redemption and new beginnings. So when the netflix random generator told me to watch this next film, I was really looking forward to it.

My Initial Interest in this film: 8

Battles with drug addiction have always intrigued me. There are many sad endings to movies that showcase this topic, but within those sad endings are stories of growth and strength. I was pretty excited to watch it.

Chance I would zone out and play video games on my phone instead: 3

The cast of this movie is incredible. So I am pretty sure Madden mobile could wait.

Quick Synopsis of the film:

Friends battling heroin addiction. The struggles and triumphs of each relationship. One member of this group becomes completely clean only to find out his friends still struggle.

So? How did it go?

I really like this film. There was plenty of humor. There were many times I chuckled out loud. But once the laughter ended, the true meaning of the story showed up. It was intense and harrowing. And tragedy ensued. We know that these stories have many victims, not just the abuser, but every relationship this person may have. It reminds me of the constant struggle our country faces today with addiction. It was eye-opening and grotesque. But I feel we need to see scenes depicting this battle to understand what it would take to fight this epidemic.

My rating: 7 

It was funny, sad, and thought-provoking at the same time….a movie I suggest watching.

Tomorrow’s random movie:


The Hunt for Red October

16 Jan

So the second day of the random netflix generator gave me The Hunt for Red October.


Wow, to go from a movie about an all women’s college in the 50s to submarine warfare? Talk about a complete 180 degree turn. And who can get more manly than Sean Connery? Every thing this guy says sounds macho. He could say, “I watch cartoons while listening to a One Direction CD every day,” and it would still sound like the manliest thing to do.

My Initial Interest in this film: 7

Why only 7? Well, this is a long film. Plus, I’m assuming there is a lot of military lingo that I would have no clue what it meant. But I do have two hours to kill.

Chance I would zone out and just play video games on my phone instead: 4

Again, long movie…might not move fast enough to me.

Quick synopsis of the film:

This movie is about the a rogue submarine captain and his true intentions. During this time, tensions with Russia were high, so every single move made from each other’s military was extremely calculated. The rogue captain plans to defect and not only is he chased by the USA, but by his own mother country of Russia.

So? How did it go?

This movie left me on the edge of my couch the whole time. Yes, there was a lot of submarine lingo like “Bearing down on position 2-1-5….dive down to 1200 meters.” But, once I got over that, I tried to figure out how I could use that talk in everyday conversation. After realizing that was impossible, I refocused on the film. There were many tense scenes involving the two submarines and it made you question what Sean Connery’s true intentions were. But Alec Baldwin was just crazy and weird enough to figure it out. It did take me a while to figure out which Baldwin this was…because there are like 57 Baldwin brothers and they are all actors. But I really liked it.

My rating for this film: 7.5

Yes, I know its lower than Mona Lisa Smile. I liked that film better. Don’t judge me.

The next film on the generator?


Mona Lisa Smile

15 Jan

We love movies. We pay for tickets. We buy big money to eat popcorn and Milk Duds. And when we sit down in our perfectly reclined seats, we watch the previews. And start thinking about the next movie we may see. I love going to the movies. Just sitting in a crowded theater with other people makes me happy. But, we don’t have the time or money to see everything we want to see. And all of a sudden, movies that we wanted to see fall through the cracks. And we remember them once we browse Redbox or Netflix. That’s why I started this particular blog, not just to watch movies that i have always wanted to see. But, to watch movies that would teach me new things and appreciate the art of movie making. These movies I will be watching will be absolutely random using a Netflix random movie generator. I have no choice in it….it’s what Netflix chooses for me. So, today’s movie was Mona Lisa Smile.


My Initial Interest in this Film: 2

I had no clue what this movie is about. And I haven’t really watched many movies with Julia Roberts in them. So, I wasn’t expecting much.

Chance I would zone out and just play games on my phone instead: 7

Again, not really a Julia Roberts fan. But, I have an open mind.

Quick synopsis of the film:

A teacher who starts her first year teaching at a prestigious college for women. It is set in the 50’s and highlights society norms during that period. She has struggles that come from fitting in, her own students and peers, and affairs of the heart.

So? How did it go?

I cannot believe how much I LOVED this movie. I did not expect to like this film. I had no clue what it was about but it affected me on many different levels. First of all, teaching is my dream profession. So, I was interested in her story. Second, watching the affect she had on her students is inspiring. Some of the scenes in this film had really deep thought-provoking lines. For example:

Betty Warren(Kirsten Dunst’s character):

Not all who wander are aimless. Especially not those who seek truth beyond tradition, beyond definition, beyond the image.

This movie discussing public image immensely. It showed the struggles of social status in the 50’s and what being “successful” meant to a woman. Julia Roberts showed the importance of being yourself and following your own dreams instead of what “dreams” were planned out for them.

This movie was awesome. The last scene was very emotional. And yes, I couldn’t help the tears flow. In fact, I actually broke out in laughter while crying at the same time because I couldn’t believe how much this movie affected me. Yes, that’s crazy talk but it’s true.

Imagine if we viewed life like that…if we looked at what society told us was successful, and worked towards the opposite. If we decided that we would follow our own dreams to please ourselves and not others. Thanks Miss Watson.

Here’s the trailer:

My rating after watching this film: 8

Potentiality for crying like a baby: 9

Tomorrow’s random movie: